Open Market Data Platform (OMDP)


An Open API and Protocol for the distribution of market data.


This site is under construction.


A positioning paper describing the ideas behind OMDP is available from


A reference implementation supporting TIB, Triarch, RMDS, Bloomberg and the OMDP protocol is available from Dealing Object Technology


“These are not arcane technical issues; they have huge consequences for the evolving shape of a network economy. Consider, for example, the web browser war that erupted between Netscape and Microsoft around 1996. If that had extended into a similar war on the server side, two separate World Wide Webs – an internet explorer web and Netscape web – might have been created, with all the resulting costs of duplication and lost synergies. A big reason this scenario did not happen was Apache – the open source product that came to dominate the server side and that could not be hijacked to favour either the Microsoft or Netscape browser. Companies and governments that buy large software packages for long-term use increasingly value this aspect of open source standards because it inoculates them against later exploitation of lock-in by a dominant supplier”

The Success of Open Source – Steven Weber